Friday, March 18, 2011

All Purpose Mat

I love this particular splat mat from Land of Nod.  It's cushioned, super durable and easy to clean.  We use it for arts and crafts and I put it on the table when I know Henry is going to have a particularly messy meal.  My sister uses hers (a larger size that they don't currently sell) to protect her table on an every day basis.  Most splat mats are fine, but I think the cushion sets this one apart - I don't have to worry about Henry randomly sticking his fork into the wood table or the sharp side of a paint brush.

I'm also a fan of the sugar booger splat mats, although they are not cushioned and aren't as durable - our first one cracked after heavy use.  They do come in many different fun patterns.
SugarBooger ABC Jumbo Splat MatSugarBooger ABC Jumbo Splat Mat

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