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Wedding Registry List

Wedding Registry List

Although this is a blog about babydom and mommyhood, there was a time when weddingville was my prime focus.  I’m a sucker for lists, and decided to share this list with those of you who haven’t quite reached the baby stage in life.  Registering was one of the first things we did after getting engaged, and with my sister’s expert chef’s knowledge, I initially registered for 3 different sized ice cream scoopers, etc.  With Chris’ sensibility, I pared the registry down to something more practical.  The obvious registry sites are:  Crate & Barrel; Williams Sonoma; Macy's; Bloomingdales; Target; and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We also registered at REI.  Below is a realistic comprehensive wedding registry list.  Enjoy!

Kitchen Aid standing mixer
Kitchen Aid hand mixer 7 or 9 speed
Cuisinart (Regular and prep sizes)
Breville Electric Tea Kettle
Coffee maker
Rice cooker
Convection Toaster Oven
Blender?  Don't get the Waring Ice cream maker
Hand immersion blender
Coffee bean grinder
Waffle Iron

Le Creuset Dutch Oven 5Q Oval
I think All Clad is the BEST!  Although there are a lot of other wonderful brands.  We registered for a big set, and then a few individual pieces.  It depends on whether or not you think anyone will spend $500-1000 on you. 

All Clad stainless steel fry pans 12", 10", 8"  
All Clad brushed nonstick fry pans 10", 8"
All Clad Sauté Pan 3 and 6 Q, if you're only get 1, I'd get the bigger one. 
Splatter screen
All Clad saucepans 2, 3, 4 Qt
-- with 4 Qt steamer insert
All Clad Steamer Set (good sized soup pot with steamer insert) -- we have the stock pot with insert and don't use that size that much
All Clad Roaster with rack
All Clad slow cooker

Cutting Tools
Cutting Boards (plastic with the rubber on the bottom, and a nice wood one can double as a cheese board)
Knife Block
Chef's knife
Fish knife
Paring knife
Steak Knives
Mandolin or Kyocera slicer
Cheese Grater
Cheese knives

Baking Stuff
Nesting bowls (glass and Melanine)
Pastry Scraper
Measuring cups
Cookie Press
Straight rolling pin (recommended by cooks illustrated - no handles)
Spoon rest for the stove top
Stainless steel measuring tools
Flour sifter
Cooling racks
Round and or square baking tins
Cupcake/muffin tins
Loaf tins
Baking Casserole dishes - 2 or 3, 1 long rectangular and 2 square or 1 large oval and 2 small oval?
Pie Dish (I like Emile Henry, but they're all great, even pyrex is great)
Cupcake carrier
Cookie Sheets (2)
Baking Sheets (2 with edge)


China and Glassware

Dinnerware (fancy (12), everyday (8))
Silverware (fancy (12), everyday (8))

Cereal bowls
S&P shaker
Sugar bowl/spoon
Beer glasses
Water glasses (fancy/everyday?)
Wine glasses (Riedel, some people also get crystal)
Champagne flutes
Serving platters, dishes and bowls - a few different shapes, sizes is handy (you will probably get a few off the registry)
Chips and Salsa Platter
Serving Utensils
Salad bowl/salad tongs
Butter dish
Gravy boat
Alfi Carafe (I love it!!!!)
Water pitcher - doubles as margarita or lemonade
Lobster/Crab claw crackers
Soup spoons (ceramic)

Cooking Tools
Meat Tenderizer
Grill tools
Picnic items (plastic cups, etc.)
Fish Spatula
Pancake type spatula
Tongs - short and long (nonstick safe and stainless steel)
Long chopsticks
Slotted spoon
Oven Mitt
Hot pads
Kitchen utensil holder for the counter top
Spice Rack
Salad spinner
Pepper Mill
Salt storage container
Olive Oil dispenser
Ice cream scooper

Cereal storage container
Storage containers for rice, sugar, and flour
Tupperware type storage
Candle sticks
Mat for the sink
Step stool for kitchen
Bath towels
Bed linens

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