Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bare Necessities: Everything You'll Need Before Baby Arrives Abbreviated

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I've received a lot of comments that my initial "Everything you'll need" list is overwhelming.  Please see below for an abbreviated bare necessities version.  I hope it's helpful!

Baby’s Room

  1. Crib:  allow 5 months for delivery.  Note:  there are some beautiful cribs that you will find “special,” as we did, but you will also find that “special” cribs are not always compatible with crib toys, bumpers, etc.
  2. Graco Pack n’ Play:  For the first 3 weeks Henry slept in the bassinet of the Pack ‘n Play in our room.  Now we bring it on trips and visits to friends and relatives’ houses – he gets his naps and we get to leave the house.
  3. Quilted Pack ‘n Play sheet:  it softens the bedding.
  4. Ultimate Crib Sheet (2):  attaches to the crib slats, is waterproof, and lays on top of the fancy fitted      sheet.  Easier to wash and replace than the fitted crib sheet.
  5. Crib sheet
  6. Sleep sack (2):  Halo is the go-to brand.  I like the sleeveless sacks, because baby’s long sleeved pj’s will be bulky underneath a sleeved sack.  You’ll need a spare for when you do laundry.  If you have a winter baby get the fleece.  As baby grows you can determine which size he’ll need next and what material depending on the season.
  7. Dresser:  Ikea has a great dresser that can double as a changing table.
  8. Changing pad:  Get a few changing pad covers.
  9. Night light or dim lamp:  keeps it dim for baby when you nurse in the middle of the night or need to comfort him back to sleep.
  10. Clock:  You will need a clock in view of the rocker or wherever you are nursing to keep track of the start time and length of each feeding.
  1. Diaper Can:  Dekor: convenient because you don’t have to change the bag every time you take out the diapers, but you have to purchase specialty bags.  I purchased them at  The Diaper Champ is a favorite, because you don’t have to purchase special bags. 
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Diapers: Size N or 1.  N is the same size as 1, but leaves a dip for the umbilical cord.  The hospital uses size 1, and folds the front down.
  4. Diaper rash cream:  Boudreaux’s Butt Paste or Aveeno.  Desitin has a medicinal smell.
  5. Moisturizer (tub):  Cetaphil and Aquaphor
  6. Saline drops for congestion.  Although you can make your own, store bought saline comes in an easy to administer bottle.
  7. Bulb syringe: for use after saline.
  8. Instant Read Thermometer – practice practice practice
  9. Baby file and nail clippers:  I have to clip his nails every other day, otherwise Henry scratches himself.
  10. Baby bath tub
  11. Washcloths (2-4)
  12. Baby soap/shampoo in one.  Mustela foaming baby shampoo seemed to do a good job warding off cradle cap
  13. Soothee pacifier (2) for newborns.  Henry was off the pacifier after 3 months, but it was a lifesaver      while it lasted.
  14. Q-tips: to clean around outside of ear
  1. Boppy vs Brestfriend?  I liked the Brestfriend for feeding.  It has better support.  The Boppy is great for tummy time, lying down at an angle, etc. 
  2. Bibs:  Soft bibs for newborns (5-10).  You will use a new one for each feeding, and using dirty bibs can cause a rash.  Bumkins bibs for solid feeding – easy to wash and dry fast.
  3. Burp cloths: disposable diapers take up little room in your bag and dry quickly
  4. Baby bottles:  2-3 4 oz bottles to start.  You may want to get 1 of each kind before you commit – some babies are particular about bottles.
  5. Bottle cleaner – has a special nipple cleaning attachment on the handle – you can find these at your grocery or convenient store.
  6. Lansinoh Breast Pads: very absorbent
  7. Lansinoh nipple ointment:  supposedly if you apply the cream before baby arrives, you can avoid cracking
  8. Nursing bras:  Mimi Maternity without underwire.  Get 2 and get measured!  You’ll need more after baby arrives, but your size will change once the milk comes in.  The bras I purchased were too small and I got clogged milk ducts – very painful.  Underwire can also cause clogged ducts.  Loose fitting clothes can help prevent clogged ducts.
On The Go
  1. Stroller:  Will you have 2 strollers?  1 for travel and 1 for home?  Do you have a place you can store your stroller at home so you don’t have to fold it up everyday?  If so, perhaps the convenience of the folding mechanism isn’t an important feature.  If you are small and/or weak consider size and weight.
  2. Infant car seat:  some babies use their infant seats until 7-8 months.  Baby will sleep a lot, and you will often be on the go with a sleeping cherub.  The seat makes it easy to transport your sleeping baby.  Seats with a base can also be strapped in with a seatbelt when you are riding in someone else’s car.
  3. Bundle Me Bag:  Attaches to the infant car seat, keeps baby warm.  There is also a lightweight version for summer.
  4. Baby Carrier:  The ERGO has much better support for you back than the Baby Bjorn, but the Bjorn has better neck support for newborns.  It’s nice to wear baby while you do laundry, etc. 
    Baby Clothes – the bare necessities – the extra is just fun!
    Remember the first few months, baby will grow out of things really quickly.  Once baby’s growth plateaus (around 9 months) clothes will last a bit longer.
    1. Pajamas:  Children’s Place and Just One Year (by Carters) have great zipper pj’s with feet.  Baby will wear them exclusively for the first few weeks – that and the hospital issue kimono shirts.
    2. Baby mittens:  to prevent scratching
    3. Many Onesies – short sleeve and long sleeve.  Layering is key in cold winter months.
    4. 2-4 pairs of pants/skirts/shorts
    5. 5-10 shirts (choose easy fit over delicate head and neck) – you will get a few hospital issue kimono shirts
    6. Socks – no need for shoes unless it’s cold (although even in the cold baby will be bundled up) or baby is crawling/walking.
    1. Baby blankets:  we use them all the time to lay Henry down so we can read books, do tummy time, etc.  I have a blanket in every room in the apartment.
    2. Books:  Baby 411 and What to Expect From the First Year were my go-to books.  After reading these books, you should decide if sleep training is for you, and if so, which method you want to use.  We used Dr. Ferber’s method, and although it is a constant battle, Henry sleeps really well.
    3. Dreft baby detergent or fragrance free/etc. detergent – wash all your baby clothes before baby arrives.  Don’t use dryer sheets. 
    Mom’s Recovery
    1. Postpartum diapers for mom:  Soothae brand is great.  You can find them at your drugstore or grocery.
    2. Thin maxi pads for when the bleeding lightens.


    1. great streamlined list Joyce! i feel like i could get this all together by early march! i've bookmarked this page!

    2. Thanks for sharing the essential list! I was wondering what your take was on cord blood banking. It seems like every time I open my email it is there! Any thoughts from other moms? Thanks!

    3. have just found out that cord blood banking is illegal in France! if someone wants to do it they have to organize with a Swiss or British company. I'm not even sure what it is! what are your thoughts Joyce?

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    6. I am hanging this list up on my wall. I'm already behind the ball I see. Oops! Thanks so much for the tips!