Friday, May 27, 2011

App for Newborn

I tried 4 baby apps and all were good, but my favorite is Baby Connect($5). It allows you to track (nursing, bottle, pumping and solids), sleep, diapers, medicine (incl. Vitamins), even drop off/pick up. It can be synced with other iPhone, iPads, etc. And it consolidates the info into graphs, which can be emailed.

The other 3 apps are ibaby feed(.99), baby activity($5) and baby tracker: nursing($5). Baby activity is more comprehensive than the baby tracker: nursing and ibaby feed. The latter 2 only track feeding, but if that's why you are looking for ibaby feed is great. It has a great graph and stat feature.

Baby activity us good - you can track sleep, diapers, feedings and mood. But doesn't have the added features that baby connect has and they are the same price.

Now I can track everything as I did the first time - obsessively. But it's much more convenient! The downside is that my phone is always around. I sometimes feel reliant on it even though I don't need it. Aaah, technology.

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