Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter Share Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

I picked up our first CSA share yesterday!  We signed up with Simply Wisconsin, which provides produce from 30 family owned certified organic Wisconsin farms.  Our advance payment helps farmers with preseason planning and planting, and we get fresh locally grown organic produce for a price that’s competitive with store bought organic produce.  Everyone wins! 

Our pick up site was in the garage of a private home.  The produce was stacked in individual share boxes.  I initialed the sign up sheet, and Henry sat on the pile of broken down boxes as I gingerly placed my produce into a canvas bag.  I broke down my share box, grabbed my twenty-pound bag of produce and picked up my twenty-two pound son.

Our share this week included:  red cabbage, delicata squash, green acorn squash, gold acorn squash, carrots, garlic, parsnips, thyme, white button mushrooms, red beets, and apples.

For dinner we had leftover steak (Chris) and leftover chicken breast (me) on a bed of parsnip, potato and garlic puree sprinkled with thyme and s + p, with a side of blanched haricot vert.  I also made a side of plain parsnip puree for Henry.  For breakfast this morning, I whipped up a white button mushroom, onion and egg white scrambler with wheat toast.

I’m loving this CSA already! 

The best part about the CSA is that we are forced to try things we normally wouldn’t try, while supporting local farmers.  And when I say we, I mean Henry.  He will be having fresh squash and beets next week.


  1. We're doing a winter share down here, too, Joyce! I love it and can't wait to pick up our next package (tomorrow)!