Thursday, August 12, 2010

Babble's 30 Sweetest Parenting Moments on YouTube

Babble compiled 30 of their favorite parenting YouTube videos.  Some of these videos made me cry, and most of them made me laugh.  They're all great, but here are my favorites:

Majorly talented kid singing "Hey Jude" with a guitar.

Little girl BELTING out "Bleeding Love" with her mom. The mom singing is a little strange, but watching the little girl belt it out is worth it.

Dad getting into baby's crib. I can only assume that they are sleep training her, but trying to get around the rule of not taking her out of the crib. LOL. Nice try Daddy!

Baby with cochlear transplant hears his mom's voice for the first time. *tear*

Dad, who was in Iraq for 6 months, surprises his son at school. This made me cry - a lot.

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