Thursday, August 5, 2010

Playing Pretend Emergency C-Section

This tiny 6 pound baby slid out of my sister on Wed in 10 minutes.  She was 3 days early.  Number 3 was a piece of cake.  I couldn't believe it.  12 hours later E was up and about, pooing, eating fruit, nursing like a champ and toting a mushy 6 month pregnancy belly.  Her 3 year old, Mia, said, "Is there another baby in there?"

My mom and I watched Sam and Mia on labor and delivery day.  I found them playing pretend emergency C-section.  Sam screamed, "We have to cut your belly open, Mia, because the baby is sick!"  I said, "What are you doing?  You know your Mommy didn't have to have her belly cut open, because your baby sister was perfectly healthy?"  And Sam said, "So the baby came out of the vagina?"  Mia said, "hahahaha.  Vaginas are funny."



  1. no genetic testing necessary, those r definitely elaine's kids