Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Year in Review

It's difficult to believe Henry turned 2 last week.  He's so old, he even knew how to blow out the candles on his cake without spitting!

He's such a little man with opinions and interests.  He loves to watch football with his Dad and cheer on the Packers.  He pumps his fist and cheers "Go Pack Go!"  He continues to obsess about cars, trucks, trains and all other types of automobiles.  He loves music, and when a song comes on that he likes, he nods his head and says, "good son."  He means "good song."  He has an eclectic taste in music, which includes Coldplay, Guster, Corduroy Road (our friend's now defunct band), OK-Go, Miley Cyrus, and Jay Z.  He sings along to many songs now, making up words he doesn't know that sound like the lyrics.  His personality since birth has been consistently easy-going.  

In the past year, Henry stopped being a good eater, and then 2 months later started eating like a horse again.  He took his first poo (12/19/10) and pee (12/20/10) on the potty, but then refused to go near the potty ever since.  He learned that he loves riding tricycles and made new friends, including his babysitter's daughter, Kasia.  He got to see his cousins on both sides every week either at their homes or at our home.  We took him trick-or-treating for the first time, which went great, and to see Santa for the first time, which didn't go so great.  He had his first breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes (11/14/10) and threw it all up 3 hours later - maybe too much sugar or caffeine for his little system?  Henry also learned that he loves to "race" with other people around the kitchen, and he learned to blow bubbles in the pool at 22 months.  We discovered he has great fashion sense and will wear anything we put on his little body, including real neck ties (no more clip ons for him) - Note: in both pictures here, he is wearing a tie.  He's become a snacker just like his parents, which we try to curb, but it doesn't help when we are constantly munching.        

On the morning of his birthday, we greeted Henry with a Happy Birthday song and he opened presents from relatives.  Then we went to his favorite diner, Joe's on Prairie, for breakfast.  We took him to the same restaurant we took him to for his first birthday, Chicago Kalbi.  We hope to make this an annual birthday tradition for him.  

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