Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny Book Recommendations

Chickens to the RescueChickens to the Rescue

This books cracks Henry up - and me too.  Whenever trouble strikes, the chickens, wearing funny outfits, frantically save the day.

The Spiffiest Giant in TownThe Spiffiest Giant in Town
I adore the illustrations and the premise of this book.  A scruffy giant buys new clothes, and then gives them all away to strangers in need.  Adorable.  The more popular book by this author and illustrator is called The Gruffalo [GRUFFALO]The Gruffalo [GRUFFALO], where a clever mouse tricks all his predators into fearing him - also a favorite.

The Napping House (Board book)The Napping House (Board book)
Great repetition, and hilarious colorful illustrations.

A Giraffe and a HalfA Giraffe and a Half
Although Shel Silverstein doesn't use a lot of color (black and white) in most of his work, the words themselves are enough.

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