Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Family Photography Session: The pictures are back...for now

Although yesterday I took down all of Henry's pictures from “Babies In The Wilde,” I’ve reneged on that decision and posted a few from our professional photography shoot.  The shots were so spectacular that I had to share Arlene’s talent, and she very generously offered up a few digital shots especially for this site.

It was Henry’s first official photo shoot.  The sky was blue, the air was crisp and the leaves were starting to change color.  It was a perfect fall day.  We met Arlene in the beach parking lot.  She was ready to go, tongue farting to make Henry giggle.  I think I might have giggled too.  The lakefront was buzzing with runners, sun worshipers, bicyclists and walkers.  We immediately began shooting under the shade of the trees with the skyline behind us.  Henry plopped himself down in the grass.  “Maybe we should put him in front of that lady,” Chris joked.  A couple was having their engagement photos taken nearby, which I've always assumed is uncomfortable.  The woman was posing, leaning her back against the wall with one foot up.  We turned our focus back to our photo shoot, which had the opposite feel: natural and fun.  Chris hoisted Henry up into a tree, and Arlene suggested we take off Henry’s shoes.  The Huck Finn effect was adorable.  Little Henry sitting up in a tree barefoot with his pants rolled up – Chris was propping him up from behind.  Next we stood him up holding on to a young tree, which he proceeded to lick.  We did a variety of shots that afternoon:  Henry alone; Henry and Dad; Henry and Mom; Mom, Dad and Henry.  Typical first time parents, I know, but who cares!  I loved all the shots, and it was so difficult to choose the prints.  Arlene did an amazing job.  As some of you know, I didn’t have the best experience with our wedding photographer, and it was refreshing to work with someone so professional.

I would recommend doing a professional photo shoot to all first-time parents.  We waited for Henry to grow out of the squishy wrinkly newborn stage and until he could crawl and stand.  This provided more options for Arlene to shoot a variety of angles.  Now we will have beautiful shots of our family, which is particularly nice considering we have very few good pictures of Henry and me together – I am the photographer in the family.  Whether you do it on location or in a studio, it is priceless.  The baby year goes too quickly and I love that Arlene took such spectacular snapshots of this time in our life.    

Please see for more information on our fabulous photographer, Arlene Byster.

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