Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Traveling With Baby Part I: Packing Baby’s Bag For A Weekend Trip

I’ve always looked at parents in airports and wondered “why do they have so much stuff?”  Now I see.  See for yourself below.    

Check In
Pack ‘n Play – many hotels have cribs, but the mattress can be old and uncomfortable
Pack ‘n Play sheet (2) – in the event he wets the sheet
Sleep Sack (2) – in the event he wets the sleep sack
Stuffy/Snugly – we have 3 of the same Ugly Doll as a backup and a backup to the backup – B.H. (Before Henry) we frequently misplaced things – this tendency has worsened in the era of A.H. (After Henry).
Car Seat
2-3 Outfits for each day
Pajamas (2) – in the event he wets his pj’s
Bulb Syringe
Baby Tylenol
Instant Read Thermometer
Baby Monitor – you can put him to bed and spend time with friends/family in another room nearby
Baby shampoo/soap
Phone charger

Flight Carry On

Infant Car Seat – very convenient if it is compatible with your stroller – and if there is an open seat on your flight, they might even give baby a seat for free
Baby Carrier
Nursing apron
Diaper Changing pad
Bundle Me and/or Lightweight baby blanket: to lay baby on the floor or keep baby warm
Breast Pump
Breast Pump Shields, Tubes, Bottles or Bags
Breast Milk Cooler – TSA will test your breast milk with a strip
Cooler Ice Pack – You can ask the hotel if they have a fridge in the room, and if they don’t you can use the ice machine and ice bucket to store the milk for 24 hours
Formula: if applicable
2 Bottles:  Medela sells quick clean wipes to clean bottles and pump accessories
Medela Quickclean Wipes
Baby Wipes
Diaper rash cream – keep in the clear bag plastic bag
Changing Pad
2 Books
2-3 Favorite Toys
Sippy cup – (for babies 4 months+ - fill with water once you’re through security
Snacks for Mom:  granola bars are lightweight, satisfying and take up little space
Extra shirt for mom

Solid Food Eaters
Baby Food

Winter Extras
Winter Hat
Shoes or Booties
Bundle Me

Summer Extras
Bathing Suit
Swim Diaper
Sun Hat

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