Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great Toddler Spoons and Forks for Self-Feeding

I just got this Beaba fork (4) and spoon (6) set at Giggle while I was shopping for a friend's baby gift.  It's virtually impossible to buy a baby gift without getting suckered into buying something for Henry.  These spoons were worth the shopping guilt/$20.  Henry can actually spear food with the forks (they are sharper than other plastic toddler forks) and the spoon is deep enough to cradle food.  Both features are really useful considering his lack of coordination.  I also plan to wrap a few of them up (we don't need that many) as baby gifts for Henry's pals.  So, don't be surprised if your kid is turning 1 soon and you receive a pink fork and spoon set -- yea, Sara, I'm talking to you.  ;)

1 comment:

  1. Ben (and I) love these spoons/forks! We also use the Baeba plates and cups and really like those too.