Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We've Moved!

Yesterday was closing day for both the condo and the new house PLUS moving out and moving in day. Eeek! Things actually went fine with the help of an army. Henry stayed overnight with his grandparents - I don't know how we could've done it without their help. We had a 5 man moving crew from Golan's. They were amazing - very professional. I stayed back with the moving crew, and Chris spent the day at the closings and at work.

The movers were done by 3:45, and I immediately got to work on Henry's room, while Chris' dad unpacked the kitchen. Henry and his Evanston cousins/Aunts arrived home :) around 6. It was obvious he knew something was up. He barreled through our new house shouting with joy. He climbed up and down the stairs exploring every room. It was really exciting to see his reaction to the house. Of course, his delirium was more likely due to the presence of his cousins, who he adores, and lack of sleep.

We are so excited about our new home. Although it's bittersweet - we will miss the city - we know this will be a great change for everyone involved.

p.s. No Internet or TV for 2 weeks - ATT Uverse can't get here until then - so please bear with my blogging via iPhone!

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