Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Own Grass and Trees

Although we still have a ton of "moving in" to do, we are taking lots of time to play in the grass and walk around the neighborhood. Both our next door neighbors have stopped by to say hello, and we've met the crossing guard on the corner. We live across the street from my niece and nephew's elementary school. Every day at 930 and 330, the crossing guard parks in front of our house and waits for millions of kids to cross the street.

Yes, we moved to the burbs, but it really doesn't feel that way. Yesterday I walked to the supermarket and town. I also walked to Henry's Wiggleworms class. It's amazing! There is grass everywhere we go and there are parks every few blocks. I feel like Henry is thriving in this environment. He seems so much older. If I ask him a yes or no question he often shakes his head no appropriately. He's walking like a champ.

It is also amazing living so close to my sister's and Chris' brother's families. There is so much that can be said about living close to family when you have kids.

Right now, I'm loving E-town.

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  1. So happy for you guys. I can see Henry is loving the spacious yard already!

  2. He really does love the yard. All he ever wants to do is go outside, which is so great!