Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do You Yard Sale?

I've heard from friends that yard sales are a great place to purchase gently used toys, but I had no idea how great until last week.  As per usual, Henry and I walked Chris to the train station in the morning and on our return trip we walked by a yard sale.  Some items, two framed mirrors in particular, looked promising and I quickly walked home thinking to myself "go home and get the car and if the mirrors are still there great.  If you can get them for $20 each great.  If not, no biggie."  I restrained myself from sprinting home, and held back even further when I realized Henry needed a new diaper before we could head back out to the unknown world of yard sales.

Upon further inspection, the mirrors were hideous (dark gold, over-priced ($50 each) and terribly ornate).  But Henry adored all the toys.  We got the three toys pictured above for $12.  The automobile puzzle is missing 1 piece, but otherwise all toys are like new!  I'm sure my yard sale experts are thinking, "what a rip off."  But for me, it was a great deal, and my excuse is that I'm still learning the ropes.

In other news, I may have broken my pinky toe this weekend.  You are probably thinking both pictures look pretty nasty - that's a bad break.  But actually, my toes are just abnormally formed.  My brother always said I had a sixth toe growing out the side causing my pinky toe to curve over my ring toe.  But if you can look closer without yakking (why are my toenails so nasty?), you will see that the below left photo depicts a bruised and swollen pinky toe while the other does not.  Let's play the game let's find 6 different things about these two pictures.  

Happy Father's Day!  

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