Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kid Friendly-ish Fireplace Screen

Although fire and baby tend to imply DANGER DANGER DANGER, many of us have children and fireplaces living harmoniously in our homes.  One way to decrease the risk of mishap is to have a practical fireplace screen.  A great affordable option is a single panel curved wrought iron screen.  These are lightweight, and when Henry pushes on it, it simply hits the fireplace facade.  If he pulls it down on top of himself, which he hasn't done ... yet, it is lightweight and won't harm him.

I think we're currently at a threat level Yellow in the house.

According to Wikipedia, the Homeland Security colors correspond with the following risk levels:

  • Severe (red): severe risk
  • High (orange): high risk
  • Elevated (yellow): significant risk
  • Guarded (blue): general risk
  • Low (green): low risk

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