Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bad Flavor Combinations

I've tried feeding Henry some pretty bad flavor combinations.  My intent is always to feed him a balanced diet, but sometimes flavor takes a backseat to his veggie and fruit intake.  Lately, I’ve tasted lots of his meals, as his new favorite thing to do is to feed me. Perhaps, he’s trying to tell me, “Are you seriously trying to feed me this garbage?  You try it.”  Now if I try to feed him something he finds revolting, he will simply spit it out.

At 5 months he used to eat avocado and prune puree without protest. Now he'll simultaneously eat clementines, meatballs, squash soup, cantaloupe puree, eggs, cheese and yogurt - his lunch today.  He basically eats as much as I do if not more.  He will, however, refuse to eat squash soup mixed with cantaloupe puree.  He has to draw the line somewhere!

The Cuisinart Smartstick Chris gave me for Christmas is great for making squash soup and tomato sauce!  I also pureed cantaloupe after Henry refused to eat the cubes.  He slurped up the puree like a smoothie.

Easy Squash Soup Recipe - Henry Loves It!

Chicken stock
Milk (optional)

Boil or roast quartered or halved squash in 1-2 inches of water.   Spoon out soft flesh and set aside.  In the same pot used to boil the squash, sauté chopped carrots, onions, garlic and celery.  Simmer in chicken stock – add for desired consistency.  Add herbs such as oregano and thyme.  Once veggies are tender add squash.  Blend with Smartstick.

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