Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 State of the Union

Obama’s first State of the Union was a success.  As in, he kept my attention for an entire hour, although the competitive State of the Union Bingo card was partially responsible.  Of course, I always want to win, so I paid extra close attention. 

High Points:

1.    High Speed Trains.  It’s about time we caught up to the rest of the world.  Plus, Chris loves trains.
2.    Chris got blue ink all over his mouth from biting his pen 10 minutes into the speech.  We paused Tivo so he could wash his mouth out.
3.    Michele Obama looked great in her eggplant outfit.  And I still love how they interact as a married couple in public.  The winks and the comments like, “she gets embarrassed” continue to be endearing.
4.    Education.  Education.  Education.
5.    To be the global leader in clean energy is to be the global economic leader – who cares if you don’t believe in the science.
6.    Asking universities to cut their own costs.
7.    Repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
8.    Scolding the House and Senate (on both sides) like children for being petty and holding grudges.  “I win.  You lose.” 
9.    Joe Biden’s badly timed half clap.  

Chris won the Bingo card with “Bipartisan Commission for X”

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