Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorite First Year Videos

I just figured out how to post videos from youtube today. Thanks to my Tech Crunch guru, Leena Rao! She's so great at simplifying complex techy stuff for people like me who are getting old, but want to be hip and with it.  Below are my favorite videos showing the progression of Henry's first year.

One of Henry's first videos. I miss that teeny tiny stage where the poos and pees were so cute.

My Ahma (grandmother), Henry's Atso (great grandmother), saying that he's fatter than I am.

Dadda teaching Henry to laugh like a true nerd.

He loved his first swing ride.

Showing off his crawling and high fiving skillz.

Sitting in the snow on our roof deck. He's so bundled up he can't move, but he still smiles for Momma.

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