Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Birthday Party

Although HGA’s first birthday party was a week after his actual birthday, it didn’t feel belated.  It was an hour and a half filled with food, fun and more food.  Close friends and family came bearing gifts, smiles and hugs for him.  We celebrated with homemade sesame chicken salad sandwiches, pork tenderloin sandwiches, hummus and pita and cupcakes.  We provided coloring projects for the older cousins, and bubbles for the little babies (although I forgot to break out the bubbles).  The party favor was a bathtub ducky, which I also forgot to break out before the little babies rushed home for their naps.  In line with Chinese tradition, I attempted to dye 12 eggs red, which turned out pink.  We also performed the Chinese tradition where baby is placed with a number of items and the one he chooses foretells his future.  Henry chose the book, which signifies teacher or scholar.  His second choice was the stethoscope representing medicine, however, he quickly dropped it to reclaim the book.  The other items were an orange representing fortune, a string representing long-life, a pen representing writer/journalist, and a ball representing athlete.  We had a small betting pool on which item he would choose, and the winners were Brewer (3), Sam (5), Jeff (28) and Megan (25) (our friends who happen to be siblings) and yours truly. 

Henry enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper, although not as much as I expected.  He is a delicate present opener; he picks at small shreds with his thumb and index finger.  He loved the giant balloons his Aunt Heather brought, and he continues to enjoy batting at them like a punching bag.  I’ve learned that babies love cards; the rough glitter, the pop ups, the poems, the colors and the music are all entertainment for them.  One year has come and gone … on to the next!

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