Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Census/Go see Formosa Betrayed!

We filled out our first census form last night!  And yes, I wrote in Taiwanese for Henry and for me.  Chris has declared that the government now considers him a racial minority in our household.  He never ceases to crack me up.

Speaking of being Taiwanese, we're going to see the film Formosa Betrayed this weekend.  FB is a political thriller based on true events.  For the first time, Taiwan's history of oppression is being depicted on an international stage.  The film has received multiple awards including Best Feature Film and Best Actor at the 2009 San Diego Film Festival and Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Philadelphia Asian American Festival.  It is showing in Chicago this weekend only at AMC Piper's Alley in Old Town, AMC Old Orchard in the north suburbs, AMC Schaumburg, and Cinemark in Woodridge.  It's a pretty controversial film, despite James Van Der Beek's starring role.  The film is making its rounds in different cities on a limited basis, so if it's playing in your city, you should see it!  My mom did - see below.  As requested by our friend who won't be able to see it, I'll let you know if Joey ends up with Pacey or Dawson.

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