Thursday, March 4, 2010

Write in "Taiwanese" in the 2010 Census

You're probably not Taiwanese, so why should you read this post?  Watch the video.  It is awesome.  I don't know if I'm biased, because I'm Taiwanese, but my husband (who is of Irish, Scottish, German, and Norwegian descent) loved it too.  My favorite parts are the Taiwanese guy imitating Obama's voice, and the people speaking in Taiwanese about Ba Zang (sticky rice in banana leaf).  It's so true that we, Taiwanese people, are overlooked regularly as Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai (hence the Thai food joke in the video).  And now that our children are growing up experiencing similar oversight, it's about time we step up and demand to be counted!

Pass the video along to your Taiwanese friends and family - even if you're not Taiwanese.  :)  Do it for Henry!

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  1. J - Thanks for posting this ... didn't know about this until now, but will do - Ed