Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting older ... But Still Not Walking ... Or is he?!!!??!!

I forgot that people actually read my blog and received dozens of emails and messages asking me where we are going.  The truth is we don't know where we are going!  We are going to try to sell our place first and continue casually looking at houses in the north suburbs.  No, I'm not pregnant, so you can stop wondering.  I  also retract my whining about 30 being old.  I got a lot of flack from other moms.  Tee hee.

You'll be happy to hear that this post is about Henry getting older.  He is 14 months now, and starting to look like a little boy.  Although he is a champion cruiser, and will stand for a second unassisted, he still won't walk unassisted.  I guess he'll just be a late walker.  I've read that kids who walk later pick it up quicker, so hopefully that will translate into fewer bumps and bruises.

Henry is, however, communicating with gusto and confidence.  He points at everything he wants and grunts.  He has a few words.  He hands me books he wants me to read to him.  He points at the balloon in "Good Night Moon" when asked "Where is the balloon?"  He lies on his back in the tub and kicks - I support him with my arm.  He smiles and poses for the camera.  Henry can also use a fork - sort of - and tries to put his own shoes on.  He's very interested in putting things into other things - stacking cups are his current favorite toy.  He also stacks blocks instead of just knocking them over.  Although our little boy is behind in walking, he seems to be A-OK in other departments.

I can't believe how much he changed over the 2 days I was in Austin.  His poops have even grown in size.

An of course, after writing this entry, Henry took his first 2 steps + 2 more steps unassisted.  My eyes welled up with tears of pride and joy.  :)  tee hee.  It's the little things that make my days special and meaningful.


  1. Gosh it's fun watching Henry (and you) grow through your eyes. I'm proud of the chief your hubby has turned in to! Can't thank you enough for sharing.

  2. Love the picture AND the post! And you know what they say - a watched pot never boils! Way to go Henry - Love, String

  3. Of course once I accepted that he would be a late walker he took his first steps! I suppose it was only a matter of time. :) We are so proud of our little boy.