Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Favorite Game

One of Henry’s new favorite games is to play in his crib.  Some people, including me up until now, think that playing in the crib will lead him to confuse a sleep place with a play place.  But he hasn’t had any trouble sleeping since he started playing in his crib.  Considering we have a two bedroom apartment, we have to be creative about how we play and where.   

Henry throws Raton out of his crib, says “Uh Oh” and then waits for me to throw it back at him.  Raton is a Capybara (a giant rat) stuffy that we bought in Japan before Henry was born.  He sleeps with Raton, Babo (Ugly Doll), Snuggly Gund bear from my childhood and a blanket bear from his Aunt E.  He loves all of his stuffies, and hugs them each everyday.  But the essential sleep item he demands is his sleep sack.  You’ll notice at the end of the video he is sucking his thumb and holding his sleep sack.  That is how he falls asleep every day and every night. 

1 comment:

  1. What an incredibly cute video! Although I do have to note that J thought that the "new favorite game" you were referring to was PUERTO RICO.