Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1 Nap Transition = A Success!

We've finally transitioned to one nap per day!  It only took 15 1/2 months to get there.  Most children transition to one nap between 12-15 months.  Just like walking, Henry decided to catch the later train.  Although, that was A-OK with me.  I kept waiting for the "signs" that he was ready to drop his nap:  inconsistent napping; playing during nap time; crying during naptime; avoidance of the crib at nap time; etc.  But every time he exhibited those behaviors he wasn't able to last two consecutive days on one nap.  I kept asking other moms how they transitioned to one nap.  They would either say "she just did it on her own," or "the nap transition was really hard and took a month."  I decided to wait and hope he would "do it on his own."  I think my patience paid off. 

Once we moved, I started putting him down for a 10:30 nap.  He would sleep until 12:30, and then stay up for the rest of the day.  This schedule worked just fine for him, although I had to move his bedtime earlier (7 instead of 7:30).  Then I started gradually moving his nap time later over the next month.  For a while I thought he would permanently go down for his nap around 11 and sleep for about 2 hours, but now he goes down for his nap around 12 and sleeps for about 3 hours.  

Life these days is definitely less consistent, but he's learning so much so quickly.  He learned to say "pls" this weekend - thanks to his Aunt, Uncle and 3 cousins!  Sounds like "pease."

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