Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee DeWyze!

Thanks to AT&T Uverse, I missed half the season finale and Simon's last show.  Thanks to the internet, I easily found the winner.  Congrats Lee DeWyze from Mount Prospect, IL!

The parts I did see were lame attempts at bringing back AI contestants to perform famous songs with undeserved stature alongside the original fringe performers, who clearly would've preferred to perform the song solo, but accepted a duet out of desperation.  Song after song after song they paraded wrinkly counterparts.  Of course, I had to ask Chris "who is Alice Cooper?  Is he from Alice in Chains?"  And Chris responded eyes bugging, "I'm so embarrassed for you."  Next song, I said, "Is that Michael McDonald?  The only reason I recognize his voice is because I just saw 40 Year Old Virgin."  Then Chris said, "Is this the - bring back elevator music hits - show?"

Despite my waning interest in AI - I usually fast forward through most of the show - I was still impressed with Carrie Underwood and sad about Simon's last episode.  Ricky Gervais was his usual hilarious-self.  Dane Cook was his usual lame-self.  The best part of his routine was Ellen's flat and expressionless face.  At one point she looked at Randy as if to say, "are you actually laughing at this bigoted dude loser?"  Best thing Ellen has done all season.

Farewell to Simon and to AI.  *tear*  I won't be watching next season - or will I?

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