Monday, May 17, 2010

Chicken Thigh As Easy As Pie!

Henry has been refusing to eat meat lately.  He used to love fish, chicken, beef, etc.  Now he picks out all the unwanted proteins and gobbles up the carbs.  Last week I gave him cut up pieces of karaage (Japanese fried chicken), and he inhaled them and then asked for more ("pease pease pease").  It was so satisfying to see him eat chicken!  Although it is fried chicken, I do think that the fatty chicken thigh contributed to his affinity for the karaage.  Thigh meat is always juicy and tender due to the extra fat.

Now all the people who read my judgmental post last week about chocolate formula can turn the tables and judge me for feeding my son fried food just to get him some protein.  Perhaps my justification is that instead of feeding him fried chicken multiple times a day, I've given it to him once.  Just trying to defend myself.

Since the karaage feeding frenzy he's happily eaten grilled chicken and watermelon!

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