Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning About Our New Home

We're getting settled.  Henry was very helpful in the unpacking process: taking things out of boxes; walking glasses from one end of the kitchen to the cabinet; etc.  Since moving in a week ago, our fence fell down and we fixed it, our power went out twice, our AT&T Uverse internet refused to work properly, we've gone to bed with the garage door open and car trunk open, returned home to find the back french door open, and yesterday we discovered that the previous owners of our house were burglarized last fall.  Yahoo!!  I had ADT reactivated yesterday and plan to be vigilant in using it.  Let's hope I can keep it up.  Otherwise, we love our new home and neighborhood.  Henry gets to see his cousins almost every day!  No regrets on the move.    

Henry is starting to respond to questions, which is freaky.
Q:  Henry do you want to go to sleep?
A:  He shakes his head, "no"
Q:  Henry do you want to have a snack?
A:  No response.
Q:  Say please.
A:  He signs "please," and smiles.

His new words include ball, cuckoo, and bye.  *tear* *sigh* *gulp*

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