Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Applying for Baby’s First Passport

Last week we applied for Henry’s first passport.  I’ve had all the necessary paperwork, identification documents and passport photos ready for months, but until now, Chris was too busy to get off from work.  The passport application requires that both parents be present, otherwise a notarized statement is needed.  We arrived at the post office just in time for holiday and lunch hour traffic.  The people watching made it all worthwhile.  Just as the rush began, two of the postal workers went on their lunch breaks.  There were 15 customers ahead of us, all with big packages.  The line slowly shuffled forward.  My eyes focused in on the speedy postal worker, Pamela.  She shuttled out 6 customers, plus processed a baby passport, while the other two postal workers helped 1 customer each.  I hoped we’d get her, and we did!  The process went off without a hitch.  See the government travel website for requirements.

For a minor under 16, he/she must apply in person with both parents present.

1)    Filled out Form DS-11 
2)    Both Mom and Dad must be present with the child
3)    Child’s Birth Certificate
4)    Mom and Dad’s driver’s licenses
5)    Photocopy of both Mom and Dad’s driver’s licenses
6)    2 recent passport photos of child
7)    Check or Money Order to US Department of State $60
8)    Standard processing fee - $25

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