Monday, December 21, 2009

Great Toddler Pre-Walker Shoe: Umi

Henry is coming up on 1 year and still isn't walking.  He's a very fast and efficient crawler, which is probably why he sees no point in walking.  He likes standing, and often uses inanimate objects to walk assisted.  e.g. a chair, a cardboard box, his Little People Garage.  He also loves to climb.  e.g. our kitchen step stool (a necessity for my 5 ft frame), his Little People Garage, the wicker bins under our window bench.

Although he isn't walking, it's now too cold to go shoeless outside.  Baby shoes can be expensive.  Even Carter's baby shoes can run $30+.  At the $30 price point, I think the Umi pre-walker shoes are easy to put on (velcro), and not as easy to take off.  I find the brand much easier for Henry to wear than Robeez.  Emu also makes an affordable and adorable infant shearling bootie that is super warm.  Sometimes I have to use my finger as a shoe horn, but once they're on correctly they stay on pretty well.  It's hard for crawlers to keep their shoes on, and when they're close to walking you want them to have a good fit.  The shearling booties aren't the best for walking, but they are the warmest booties that I've found.

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