Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Constipation is Sad

“Sad” is probably not the first word that comes to mind to accompany the word, “constipation.”  But it’s exactly how I feel when Henry gets constipated.  Like many babies who start solid foods, Henry has a tendency to get stopped up.  I have to ensure he eats good “poo foods” every day.  If I am successful we have great soft stinky poos 3-4 times a day.  If I am delinquent, he will not poo for an entire day, and when he does poo he tearfully screams in pain.  It is so hard to watch. 

Great poo foods for Henry include:  peaches, pears, plums/prunes, pureed lentils, blueberries, and pear juice.  Bad/constipating poo foods for Henry include:  bananas; apples; tofu and avocado.  Note:  every child’s digestive system is different, which explains why I specified that these foods work for Henry.  Lentils were the magic poo food at the beginning. 

It also helps to massage his belly and do bicycle kicks with his legs pushing up on his belly.

I have a constant battle with poo.  We have a love hate relationship.

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