Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weaning Off the Boob: Week 2

After slowly weaning Henry from his 4pm nursing session, I moved on to the post-morning nap 11am feeding.  I was hesitant as he’s always been a good nurser at this time, but we forged ahead.  I intended to follow the same slow process that I had invoked to drop the 3pm session.  (See Weaning Off the Boob:  Week 1)

On Saturday Chris got Henry out of the crib after his morning nap.  They played and read books in his room.  I was in the kitchen cooking up a variety of purees and finger foods for the next few days.  Henry didn’t cry or look for me.  When they came out 30 minutes later, I realized we had unintentionally dropped the 11am feeding without the slow weaning process.  I figured the next day he would put up more of a fuss if I got him after his morning nap, but again there was no protest.  Second feeding down! 

Now he’s nursing twice a day (morning and night), and he’s gone to bed without nursing in the past.  On Monday he refused to take the bottle from the sitter.  I anticipate that dropping the last feeding of the day will go smoothly.  Most books say that the last feeding of the day is the hardest to drop, but I know that won’t be the case for us.  Henry doesn’t associate nursing with going to sleep, as we spend around 30 minutes between his last feeding and bedtime playing, taking a bath, and reading books.

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