Monday, February 1, 2010

Sharing: Watch Henry Feed a Pretzel to a Local Animal

Currently when interacting with other kids, he does push-ups on them and tries to poke out their eyes.  Perhaps he has a future in WWF.  He is, however, learning to master the art of sharing.  We began teaching him to share when he started showing frustration at losing grip on a toy -- maybe around 6 months old.  I would ask for the toy, take it from him and then hand it back.  He soon realized that screaming over a lost toy or an eaten tasty morsel was fruitless.  Then at around 10 months old he started sharing everything.  It's the best – except when he wants me to eat his slobbery mushy food.  

Top 10 Favorite Weekend Moments
1.  When Chris ordered a Midoritini at the bar because he thought it was a Japanese gin with a lime twist.
2.  Eating the tasty morsels at Avec - definitely in my 10 top favorite Chicago restaurants for taste, quality of ingredients, originality, service, atmosphere and drink list - YUM YUM
3.  Eating Beard Papa cream puffs
4.  Walking around Block 37 - deserted and awesome.  I felt like I was in Taiwan 101 Tower - huge and empty - we had to go there to get the Beard Papa cream puffs!
5.  Visiting a friend's new apartment -- there is nothing like visiting a new apartment to find it's a million times more put together than my own apartment of 3 1/2 years!
6.  Watching Public Enemies on our couch with some stove popped popcorn dusted with garlic powder and thyme.
7.  Watching Henry cling to his Dadda, instead of his regular go-to (me), for comfort after bonking his head.  
8.  Henry loving ice cream at his first DQ birthday party.  
9.  Watching Henry scarf down his rice, salmon and broccoli dinner.
10.  Switching Henry to 1 nap a day without a hiccup -- hopefully I haven't spoken too soon!  I'll be posting on dropping the morning nap when I've determined that we've done it successfully.


  1. not able to watch the video :( but i like the blog! makes me feel like i'm right there w/ Henry as he grows!

  2. Henry is too cute!! Love how he's feeding his daddy. Ben is just starting to share his food. I've gotten into the habit of eating the food that Ben spits out...didn't realize the other day that the piece of chicken in his mouth was in there for awhile...put it in my mouth without thinking. It was really nasty.