Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Day Older

I’m 30 + 1 day.  Based on what we did for my birthday, I am officially old. 

I awoke to a teething whiny toddler (another tooth is coming in absurdly crooked) and the smell of pancakes on the burner.  Who knew my hubbie had a secret skill – KILLER pancakes!  They were amazing paired with really old frozen brats, an egg, OJ, and really really old maple syrup.  All tasted fresh and delicious!  
Tuesday went by per usual.  Henry and I went to swim class, and had our regular meals and naps.  As a special birthday treat, Chris got home early with a mystery grocery bag from Whole “Paycheck” Foods.  He cooked up a perfectly seared NY strip steak with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli.  Yum.  As he cleaned up the kitchen I watched American Idol, and then we settled on the couch together to watch … wait for it … Frontline.  I had a perfect 30th birthday.  I am officially old, and loving it – sort of.  

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  1. Oh come on, you are only 30....:) Happy Birthday, from an even older lady...