Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to Order Toddler at a Korean Restaurant

I'm going to do a series on what toddlers can eat when you go out to ethnic restaurants.  It was intimidating at first to find foods for Henry, but he surprisingly embraced eating out.  I think he prefers seasoned food to the plain salt-free and oil-free foods I feed him at home.

Henry's favorite type of restaurant is Korean BBQ.  He is so enthralled with his food that we can actually eat in peace!  He gets a great variety of nutrition all in one meal, and we always leave with full bellies and big smiles.

A few of his favorite menu items include:

Kalbi (cut up in tiny pieces)
Dumplings (either steamed or in a soup)
Pajun (I remove the chewy octopus and long green onion)
Chapchae (I cut the noodles short with a fork)
Fish cake side dish
Broccoli side dish
Carrot and Potato side dish

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