Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Games

Games Babies Play: From Birth to Twelve Months provides both obvious and not so obvious games for you and baby to play for an entire year.  For some parents baby play is intuitive and for others it's awkward and uncomfortable.  This book helps the former play with more direction, and it helps the latter get started.   

Henry and I tend to improvise.  We dance to music, bounce on my lap, roll around on the bed, play airplane on my shins, play with toys, read books, play peekaboo behind the couch, play chase Momma, sing songs, make silly faces, and point at objects.  I perused Games Babies Play when Henry was 3 months old, but didn't look at it again until recently.  Although Henry is now past 12 months of age, many of the games are still applicable, and I think they will help to diversify our play for his and for my benefit.  The book also helped me realize that, other than talking and reading books, our play is dominated by physical activity.  Those who know me must be thinking, "Oh boy.  She's already training him to be a professional athlete."  Although, I would love for Henry to be active in athletics, it is not on my mind when we play.  Physical play just happens to be the easiest way to make him giggle.  I spend all day trying to get him to laugh, because it is the best thing ever.  My first order of business is to teach him his body parts!  "Head, shoulders, knees and toes ..."

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