Friday, February 12, 2010

Vacation from Vacation

I had a pretty good time in San Diego, although I can’t say the same for Henry.  He was an angel on the flight out, which I now realize was probably due to the fever and fatigue.  I had Tylenol with me, which I administered before he quietly fell asleep in my arms.  After an hour of pure bliss, he was rudely awakened by the ridiculously loud flight attendant announcing food for sale.  For part of the flight he played with his cousins, who were sitting in the row in front of us, and his Aunt and Uncle took turns entertaining him.  Then he took a SECOND nap before we landed.  It was a piece of cake. 

Once we arrived Henry had trouble sleeping at night and napping.  He was congested, had a terrible cough and the room was too bright compared to the dungeon he sleeps in at home.  Due to his cold and lack of sleep, he was crabby and screamed bloody murder anytime I left the room.  I didn’t take a shower for 2 days.  Now that I think of it, I should’ve taken a shower in one of the other 3 bathrooms while he was napping, but it didn’t occur to me as an option.  Perhaps I was playing martyr.  After 2 days of pool water, beach sand and food particles in my hair, I broke down and took a shower with Henry sitting on the floor of the shower.  He loved it!  On top of the tantrums, Henry had zero appetite, and ate like a bird the entire trip.  The 3 days of rain didn’t help.

The trip wasn’t all bad, as we were able to swim in the pool 3 days and visited the beach once.  Henry loved crawling in the sand and watching the waves.  He even stood at the water’s edge as the tide ebbed and flowed.  It was also great seeing my mom, who is very happy in what is usually sunny California. 

The return flight wasn’t as easy.  I wasn’t sitting near my sister and her kids, and Henry was over tired.  He screamed before his nap for about 20 minutes, and then woke up when I adjusted my arm.  Then he rested his head on my shoulder while I was standing and cried each time I tried to sit down.  I awkwardly stood in my seat with my neck craned against the ceiling – good thing I’m short!  I was able to put him in the row with his cousins for part of the flight, which was a relief.  He enjoyed feeding his cousin animal crackers, and eating their rice balls. 

Now that we are home, needing a vacation from vacation has taken on a whole new meaning.  His first night home, Henry slept like a rock and took two solid naps the next day.  Apart from a runny nose, he’s back to normal, although it seems he passed his cold on to me as I now have a sore throat and fatigue. 

It’s good to be home.

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