Monday, February 22, 2010

Off to the Races!

I love this video. Henry loves crawling. There may be a chance he never walks. Every time I tell someone he's not yet walking, I get the same reaction: "Don't worry. Every child progresses at his own rate." Followed by a furrowed brow of concern that I'm worrying too much. I know I'll miss his crawling - it's so adorable and speedy - but sometimes I just want to put him down on the ground without getting his hands and butt filthy. This weekend I was excited to see that he stood unassisted for a few seconds - is that sad?

Incidentally, I turn 30 tomorrow. We had 2 amazing meals in celebration of my birthday. Friday was a casual meal with a few friends at Mado, a neighborhood foodie joint. On Saturday, we went upscale for a 12-course meal at an undisclosed location. It was a meal to remember. After the smorgasbord, I looked 6 months pregnant and Chris looked 8 months pregnant. But it was worth it!! Yesterday I said to my 8-year-old niece that I am her "old aunt," and she replied, "YOU are not old." I love her. When I had Henry I felt old, so I'm feeling surprisingly ambivalent to turning 30. Maybe the fact that my sister is 5 years older numbs the pain. I get to be the youngest forever. Although, maybe I shouldn’t be so thrilled considered everyone says we look like twins.